Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Monthly Recap: October 2014

I won't be redundant and say that I can't believe it's November already... but I guess I just did.

I read a total of 9 books in the month of October and 1 more that I finished November 1st but whatever I'm including it anyways.
Overall, October was quite a good reading month.
Falling Kingdoms is now one of my favourite YA fantasy series. You can read my review here.
Sweet Filthy Boy and Tangled were really enjoyable adult/new adult romance reads. You can read my review for Sweet Filthy Boy here.
Rebel Belle was so cute and funny. I should do a review on it soon. 
Nina Lane's Spirals of Bliss trilogy was a great read too for which you can check out my review here.

My book of the month was obviously Addicted After All. My whole month kind of revolved around that book and since it was released October 31st, I read it well into the morning of November 1st and finished it sometime that day. So I'm including it in this recap. I'll be doing a review later but it'll probably be just me gushing about how wonderful it was. Maybe I'll wait and do a spoiler discussion instead of my favourite parts. Anyways, enough rambling. I did a special post on why YOU should be reading the Addicted Series which you can read here. And my monthly character spotlight featured Connor Cobalt from the Addicted Series too.

Add me on Goodreads and we can discuss books. :)

Much like how my reading plans the whole month revolved around Addicted After All, my listening plans revolved around 1989 by Taylor Swift. The whole month was like a countdown to the release and I'm still listening to this album like crazy. 
As I expected, the album is fantastic. Though all of it is great, I'm most pleased when she dwells into that 80s synth vibe on Style and Out of the Woods.
Favourite tracks: Blank Space, Style, Out of the Woods & Wildest Dreams

Selfie & HTGAWM are two of my favourite shows airing currently. I wish more people would give Selfie a chance. It's got so much heart and Karen and John are so loveable and endearing. It's totally a tongue in cheek comedy because it's satirical at times and self aware of itself. (Plus so adorable I swear you won't regret it). HTGAWM is fantastic. What can I say. It's superbly brilliant. Alfred Enoch and Jack Falahee are my two fave breakout stars of the whole fall season and Viola Davis is freaking incredible. I am obsessed.
The CW has got one of their best lineups ever to be honest. Except I don't care much about that whole TVD/The Originals side of their channel. The 100 is so fantastic, I don't know why everyone isn't watching it!?! It's also on Netflix too so you can catch up on the first season and start season 2 right away. Arrow & The Flash are the best of the best. Jane the Virgin is so incredible I swear it's everything I never knew I wanted. Hilariously narrated and so so cute/funny/wonderful. I'm already sitting on the Jane/Rafael ship (im)patiently waiting for it to sail.

I was also following Manhattan Love Story but sadly it's already cancelled. I'm still rooting for Red Band Society even though it's slightly cheesy teen drama at times. I've tried to watch A to Z but while I enjoyed the first episode, I didn't like anything after. I'm also planning to catch up on Faking It on MTV cause I did enjoy the first season. The Mindy Project has also been disappointing me this season.
So that was my first ever monthly recap. It was so much fun to put together. What are our favourite shows on TV right now and what was your favourite book you read in October? 

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