Tuesday, October 28, 2014

5 Reasons I love The Addicted Series

I didn't sign up for the Addicted After All promo tour cause I'm a noob who was swarmed in school work. But I had been thinking about this post for a while now, and with the release date for Addicted After All incredibly close, I thought I should share the reasons I love these books so much.

1. Lily Calloway
I haven't read any books with a female protagonist who's a sex addict before. Lily is a quiet and reserved person who's very shy so even there, she's not the stereotypical portrayal of a "sex addict" female we've come to expect. She's addicted to the high that comes with sex and the power she's associated with it. Lily's journey is no walk in the park -a realistic portrayal to dealing with any kind of addiction, which is why I still appreciate this series. She didn't just wake up one day and "get better". But without any spoilers, let's just say I'm incredibly proud of where she has ended up now.
A female sex addict also brings up great topics of debate like slut shaming and themes of feminism which are all portrayed wonderfully across the series in my opinion.

2. Krista & Becca
Krista and Becca recently just graduated from college themselves and so they're writing these characters as how real life early 20s adults actually are. I appreciate that Krista and Becca choose to challenge their characters and they showcase that these are flawed human beings who do have redeeming qualities -just like in real life! I really do think of them as super twins. As Hazel Grace says, frankly I'd even read their grocery lists at this point.
Stalking them on twitter and tumblr have become second nature to me at this point. Not to mention their pinterest.

3. The "TV Show" like feel
If dreams really do come true, then one of my biggest wishes would be to see this series as a television series. Each book really plays out like a season or an arc would on TV.
The Addicted Series can be compared to shows like Gossip Girl but tbh, that show became such a mess later. However, the elite world and clash with pop culture really does warrant the comparison.

Okay, so there's three different romantic couples and story lines in the whole series if you do read the spin-offs (which you should!).
Lily and Lo's love story is emotional, raw and heart-(breaking/warming). They've enabled each others' respective addictions their whole life so the turn around is quite the rough journey. I cry just thinking about them.
Connor and Rose are side characters within Lily & Lo's books but they take center stage in Kiss the Sky and I'm sorry but I can't talk about them cause they're like THE OTP. Just know that they're both king and queen of my heart and the whole world tbh.
Ryke and Daisy are so dear to my heart because you see their relationship develop of the years and they don't actually become a couple until Hothouse Flower so I'd say A+ to KB for the development on this. Plus, they're just the horniest cutest ever.

5. The Characters
I just can't begin to describe how much I love these characters. At this point, I feel like they're so real that I almost look for Fizz products when I'm at the grocery store. 

The Calloway sisters are female characters that I love to read about and as a feminist, I endorse them wholeheartedly. They stick up for one another and they definitely understand that family always comes before everything else. Lily and Rose especially, have come so far in their relation. Daisy, even despite being the youngest, is loved by her sisters so much. 
I love the relation between Ryke and Lo. Ryke's patience when it comes to him and his love... just make me cry why don't you.
Then there's Connor Cobalt. I won't say much cause I did a whole freaking character spotlight on him. Aside from his brilliance and charm, his relation with all the gang makes me cry too. 
     His love for Rose. #Coballoway4life
     His bromance with Lo.
     His banter with Ryke. (Sometimes not so playful)
     His patience and caring attitude towards Lily.
Go catch up before Addicted After All releases in like 2-ish days!!


  1. I'm with you. These characters are real in every sense of the word but one. I really hope that the Addicted Series does get proposition for a TV series as well!! And Lily is definitely my favorite person ever. The series showcases so many important aspects of life like how important family is or being persistent and determined when goal setting and achieving goals. I think I've cried the most with this series (thank you, I'll need the bucket, especially after AAA) or felt the most than any others. But LOL "horniest couple" indeed. At least outwardly horny ;) Wonderful post, Nazeefa. Thanks for sharing!

  2. There's no such thing as being noob by concentrating on school, Nazeefa! :) Don't beat yourself up over this! I'm so glad you decied to post Addicted stuff though ;) Same! Lily is such a different, unique heroine and I'm so proud of her growth too! These books talk about a lot of important topics and I love this about them. Haa! Krista and Becca are only the tiniest thing that makes these books so enjoyable, but then again, it's also one of the biggest things. Their personality comes out in so many ways in their writing and I love it!So true about the TV show thing ;) HEHEEEEEEEEEEEE COBALLOWAY MY LOVES I APPROVE LIKE NO OTHER REALLY. Hahahahahahaha!!!! Horniest ever. Omg I died, Nazeefa! This cast is perfection and I love that they're so different yet lovable in their own ways. Connor is magic. He can not believe in it, but he is *shrugs*

  3. My thoughts exactly! Gah, I AM NOT READY FOR AAA! I just don't want to part with LiLo yet :'(