Saturday, December 6, 2014

Book Review: One Condition by Nova Raines

Title: One Condition (The Lust List: Kaidan Stone #1)
Author: Nova Raines
Publication Date: November 18th, 2014
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Synopsis: Hayley Wade's rock star dad partied himself into an early grave and left Hayley with a pile of dangerous debt. She plans to pay it off, but her drug-addled father wrote an impossible task into his will: to inherit his wealth, Hayley must steal back a family heirloom he lost to a gold digger. Kaidan Stone grew up surrounded by the world’s biggest stars, but never wanted to be in the limelight. When he makes The Lust List, he becomes America’s newest celebrity obsession overnight. 
After Kaidan saves Hayley from a run-in with the aggressive paparazzi, sparks fly, and she discovers the heirloom is in his California mansion. It’s the answer to all her problems…but she’ll have to betray Kaidan to get it.

Nova Raines and Mira Bailee are collaborating on The Lust List series. Nova is writing Kaidan Stone's story while Mira will tell Devon Stone's side. So, The Lust List is comprised of companion novels written by two authors which is pretty cool.

Next, let's get onto my thoughts. I read this book in one sitting after buying it from amazon randomly for $0.99. I didn't know much going into it, but I love reading about the world of A-listers and scandals and rich/famous people. It's my guilty pleasure. (Hello, anyone remember Zoey Dean's A-List or The Clique & obvs. Gossip Girl!)

So the premise was quite intriguing and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up liking this. 

First, let's get talk about the stuff I didn't like.
I don't like Kaidan that much. I mean, he's mysterious and alluring. Charming at times. But he's too much of all those things. But that's not to say I hate him. I really am looking forward to getting more of his story in the upcoming books.

But I did love Hayley. She's complex in that she's not a goody-goody or a total badass. She's trying to change but she's not the poor little rich girl cliché you might expect. I liked that while she had her priorities straight, she acts human and has moments of weakness too.
The situation that she's in is quite the nail-biter. I really am sitting at the edge of a cliff waiting to see what happens.  

So overall, I'd say it's a great new-adult read. A good mix of mystery, romance and the steaminess. 
I would complain that it was really short but maybe it just went by so quickly. I'm going to read Devon's story next, so I'll share my thoughts on that! While One Condition does end on a cliff hanger, I'm just glad the next book releases soon in December.

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